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18 Quality Taps & Hundreds of Meticulously Chosen and Well-Cared-for Bottles

Open Everyday.
From Noon to Midnight.

(925) 210-1147

1541 Giammona Drive
Walnut Creek, CA

No one under 21 allowed.

On Tap

May 4

Dieu du Ciel! Rigor Mortis

De Ranke Guldenberg

BFM La Mandragore

Allagash Victor

Lost Abbey The Angels Share

Saint Somewhere Traditionnel

Prairie Prairie-Vous Francais

 Berryessa La Fuerza Borracho

Fieldwork Cherry Gose

Against the Grain Brown Note

Shiga Kogen House IPA

Berryessa Super Separation Anxiety

Allagash Victoria

Omnipollo Abrahadabra

Malka Dry Stout

 Olvisholt Lava

Fieldwork Amnesia Haze


We carry hundreds of meticulously chosen and well-cared-for bottles in our bottle shop for you to enjoy here or to go.


Live Music 

Thursdays 8-10pm


March 31st - Ollie Dudek Trio

April 7th - Planet Loop 

April 14th - Jim Richards Trio

April 21st - Charles Wheal

April 28th - Three Times Bad



Meet the Brewer

Thursday April 7th




What does Øl mean?

It's the Danish word for beer.

Are you Danish?

How do you pronounce it?

Can I bring my baby to Øl?

Can I watch the game?

Why do the bottles have two prices on them?

Why don't you just charge a corkage fee like some of the other Bottleshop hybrids?

Can I rent out Øl for a private party?

Do you take Reservations?

Do you accept credit cards?

Why do you use so many different glasses?

Why is there so much foam in my glass?

What's that Glass Rinser thingy?

When are you open?

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1541 Giammona Drive
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

(925) 210-1147

Open Everyday.
From Noon to Midnight.

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